Clown Doctors' Blogs from the Wards

Please note: Names and some wards have been changed to protect patient privacy.

Clown Doctor: Dr Silly Billy   Hospital: The Children's Hospital at Westmead   Partner: Dr Colourfool  

In the cafe we nearly had to erect an emergency isolation area as we came across a bub with acute cuteness. In Surgical, Dr Colourfool's balloon expertise was called upon with the construction of a motorbike. Jake loved it. We also met Katie O'sillypants and her mum. Despite her help we couldn't get her name right. Lots of giggles. In the Chinese gardens we saw Tania again. We had spent a long time with her the day before and Nan and Pop were there to help celebrate her birthday. Sparklers and songs all round! Great to see Dad a bit happier as he had looked a little worried the day before. Fracture clinic was chock-a-block, so lots of naughtiness pretending to be other people so we could sneak into the treatment rooms. The staff there are always up for a play, so that helps us out heaps. Some crazy songs saw out the day beautifully.

Clown Doctor: Dr Nose Best   Hospital: John Hunter Hospital   Partner: Dr Ether  

We had a lovely day. Met a few new patients who will be in for a few weeks. Baby Mia is still an inpatient and is the happiest toddler we've ever met. She is all smiles and insists on shaking and re-shaking everyone's hands! She is a real delight, even through her major illness. The mums and staff in neonatal intensive care appreciated our visit. Had the kids in the school room doing an internalised version of the 'Hokey Pokey' as they were in traction.

Clown Doctor: Dr Sunflower   Hospital: Princess Margaret Hospital   Partner: Dr Hat  

Boy in Burns was crying and crying for hours! We played music nearby for five minutes and he fell asleep. Dad and all on the ward were very grateful. Similarly in Emergency, a toddler was crying for hours also. My nine wind-up toys distracted her for a few minutes and then she fell asleep. Ahh sweet day.

Clown Doctor: Dr Fantastic   Hospital: Royal Children's Hospital   Partner: Dr Fairy Floss  

Such a big morning in Burns clinic. I love how much we help there. I noticed it particularly when one Mum was getting loads of instructions about how to look after her child's dressing for the week. I know how impossible it is to take anything in when your child is crying. So because we were there, keeping her child happy and calm, this mother could hear everything clearly and do everything needed to keep her child comfortable in the upcoming week. Brilliant.

Clown Doctor: Dr Freckles   Hospital: Lismore Base Hospital   Partner: Dr Sniggles  

We had a fantastic play in the kids' ward today, and the kids were very playful and got in with the game straight away. I acted silent clown for a while in one room and the kids thought it was hilarious and then when Dr Sniggles left the room, I convinced two girls to pretend they had had a smile transplant operation. Using the smiles on sticks they pretended they couldn't talk and hid their mouths, then pretended it was their teddy bears talking. Sometimes their giggles gave them away, but they were amazingly good at the game; it was a very fun game to play that we all loved. We did some very silly dancing and bubble blowing aplenty and left the room after decorating Violet's bed (who was away from her bed) with toilet paper. We saw her later and she thought it was a great laugh. Those were the highlights of the day for me.